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Ellie and I are looking for a place to live this winter 

Ideally we are looking for a small town with a unique place to live out west where Ellie can get an internship or job or apprentice to learn natural building skills.  If you have any ideas, give me a call or send me an email.  Detailed information is in this flyer that we created.  Help spread the word by posting or sending this flyer to anyone and everyone you think might have an opportunity for us.  THANKS!!!

Click the picture to view a PDF with details of

what kind of adventure we are looking for and how you can help us. 


Post below from late 2012 or early 2013

So, I finally got a new mac. It was sad packing up my old familiar friend of nine years. My very first computer all my own. It served me kindly. If i find the proper place to live i will bring it out again and let it’s beautiful adjustable screen and happy demeanor shine again. 

Here is a photo taken by my new iMac of the old iMac as the two got to know each other for a few days sitting side by side holding firewire cables.

last updated  8 November 2015

last updated  8 January 2013


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